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Course Description:

The majority of seeds are nutrient imbalanced right from the start. The course discusses how we can restore the balance in seeds and young seedlings using a combination of seed applied nutrition, biostimulants, and crop protection – to ultimately set the plant up with the foundation it needs to maximize its genetic potential. 

Course Details:

Time: 1 hr 40 minutes total

Quiz: 21 Questions

CEU Credits: 1 Nutrient Management & 0.5 Soil and Water * Pending approval*

Course Instructor

Dan Owen, Director of Agronomy and Market Development, ATP
Originally from England, Dan Owen earned his bachelor’s degree in agriculture from Harper Adams University College. He then took a position as an agronomist for a grain merchant and agricultural retailer in the East of England. Over those 12 years as an agronomist he continually advised on all aspects of intensive crop production from small grains to high-value vegetable crops.

In 2010, Dan made the move to Canadian agriculture taking on the role of Agronomy Manger for an independent retailer based in northeast Saskatchewan. This role allowed Dan to gain a hands on knowledge of Canadian agricultural production systems. During his time in this role, he was recognized by the Canadian Association of Agri Retailers (CAAR) with the Agronomist of the Year Award at their 2013 annual conference. Dan currently holds the position of Director of Market Development and Agronomic Services with ATP Nutrition.
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