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Market research suggests that existing soil testing technologies are perceived to be too expensive and time consuming to do it properly and growers do not see the value in the results. NIR Scanner Technology is a game-changing diagnostic technology that gives you access to real-time, in-field monitoring of all essential soil nutrients in a matter of 5 minutes. It provides accurate data to help maximize the fertilizer investment. In addition, it measures soil characteristics including Organic Carbon and Soil moisture, which will enable the monitoring of sustainable practices going forward. 

Time: Approx. 33 minutes + Quiz

Quiz: 9 Questions

CCA/CEU Credits: 0.5 Soil and Water*

* CEU credits will be submitted on your behalf upon the completion of the course. This process can take up to 30 days to appear in your account. If you have any issues please contact ATP at [email protected]

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Delighted to see technology like this accessible to local farmers.

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Course Instructor

Dr. Stefan Vaessen

Scientist and innovator, always worked on the forefront of new technical solutions.

MSc in Biology (human and animal Physiology), Wageningen University, the Netherlands.

PhD in Medicine from the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands with research on molecular therapeutics (Gene Therapy) targeting genetic lipid disorders.
Pursued career at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht with 8 Years in the Research group ‘Innovative Testing in Life Sciences and Chemistry’ where he focused on research on gut functioning by culturing intestinal cell models from stem cells (so-called organoids). In this position he lectured, performed research and created connections between the industry and students.

After his academic career he worked for some years in the animal nutrition industry, developing innovative feed additives for poultry and swine to improve animal health and wellbeing before transitioning to AgroCares where he has lead the R&D team for the last 2 and a half years. At AgroCares, Dr. Vaessen and his team develop sensor solutions for nutrient testing the agricultural field. Again, a role bringing together science, business and customer needs.

Dr. Vaessen has published over 25 peer-reviewed articles and conference papers on a range of biological and medical subjects.