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Course Overview:

There are many different forms of a given nutrient; knowing the form and how the plant responds to it is critical in treating and preventing a crop’s nutrient deficiency. This course reviews the different forms of nutrients and how they work in the soil as well as, as a foliar application. It dives into how foliar nutrients are absorbed by the plant and how we can combine additives with different forms of nutrients to increase nutrient use efficiency and production.  

Course Details:

Time: 68 minutes total

Quiz: 14 questions total

Credits: 1 Nutrient Management *Pending Approval*

Course Instructor

Jarrett Chambers, President, ATP
With commitment, passion and a proven track record that spans more than 25 years, Jarrett has a singular focus - to deliver results for growers. This focus will propel the agriculture and horticulture industries across North America.

Jarrett’s professional experience started at the Univ of Manitoba where he obtained a M.Sc. in Soil Fertility and Microbiology. While at U of M he worked on the Jumpstart and Agrotain technologies. The skills gained on these projects allowed him to develop and commercialize the ESN and Duration Slow release fertilizer technologies across North America for the fruit, vegetable, turfgrass and nursery markets.
Realizing that growers must maximize crop production to meet the demands of a growing global population, Jarrett knew he needed to comprehensively understand Plant Nutrition. So over the last 16 years he has focused on managing plant nutrition through the seed, the soil and the plant.

Over the past 5 years, the focus has been to take the complexity of plant nutrition and organize it into an easy to use, agronomically sound system. The development of the System of Chemtrition not only meets, but exceeds this goal, and is backed by the R3 Agronomic platform.

Jarrett Chambers is the co-founder of ATP Nutrition. ATP Nutrition is a Canadian-owned and operated nutrient company, structured to be a leader in Plant Nutrient Innovation.