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Keeping your nitrogen in place - Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers

Keeping your Nitrogen in Place – Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers (EEFs)

Course Description: Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers (EEFs) are considered a key tool to achieve optimal Nitrogen use efficiency and help fulfill the 30% emission reduction target set by many sustainability initiatives.  Although the technology employed in EEFs is not new, innovative compounds are being used to enhance the efficacy of conventional urease inhibitors and nitrification inhibitors. This …

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Balancing your Seed’s Nutrition

Course Description: Breeding for high-yielding cultivars has led to most seeds becoming nutritionally imbalanced, resulting in reduced seedling vigor and compromised overall plant health. Seed fortification through seed-applied nutrition can help achieve the nutritional balance to maximize genetic potential. In this course, we will learn about nutrients that are most critical for germination and early …

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Managing high protein wheat - dr. race

Managing High Protein in Wheat

Course Description Taking a proactive approach to nitrogen management during the growing season is very important for increasing the protein content of the wheat crop. This requires a thorough understanding of critical plant nutrients, plant growth stages, and weather parameters; and using this knowledge to make strategic decisions throughout the crop’s life cycle. This course …

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Change the Trajectory

Course Description: Even with the strong commodity prices, higher fertility prices are putting pressure on growers and forcing them to rethink their nutrient management plan. Learn how to leverage information from soil tests to revamp your fertility program.  Dive into the benefits of foliar nutrition and biostimulants, and how to include them into your overall …

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Synergy and Antagonism of Nutrients

Course Overview: During nutrient uptake by the roots, antagonistic and synergistic interaction between nutrients often occurs. This course reviews the specific relationships between potassium and nitrogen; potassium and magnesium; sulphur and molybdenum; boron and potassium; and phosphorus and zinc; and explores what causes these complex interactions. Course Details: Time: 55 minutes video + quiz time …

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Copper – More Than Just Standability

Course Description: Copper is key to crop production since it activates several enzymes, stimulates protein formulation and is critical for photosynthesis, protein and carbohydrate metabolism and respiration.  In this couse we will cover the basics on copper, importance of copper nutrition, effect of copper on ergot and how the addition of copper can fit into your …

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