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Unleashing the Power of Potassium

Course Overview: Potassium has the power to impact many important processes including stomatal activity, photo assimilate movement, disease resistance and insect infestation, and overall plant growth and yield. This course dives into potassium’s involvement in these processes and why we observe such an impact on plant health and yield in potassium deficient conditions.  Upon successfully …

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The Full Story on Biostimulants

Course Overview: Over the years, the definition of a biostimulant has changed and evolved; but the industry has finally come to a consensus on what it means to be a biostimulant. This course dives into this history, and clarifies what biostimulants are and where they came from. It then focuses on practical information like how …

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Diving into Seaweeds

Course Overview: On contrary to popular belief, seaweed extracts are not a significant source of plant hormones. This course dives into the science behind how seaweed extract biostimulants actually work, how they are made, and their impact on plant abiotic stress response and yield.  Upon successfully completing this course, you will be able to share …

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